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Thrive: The Podcast for Bloggers & Influencers

Sep 29, 2022

How early should you post Fall and Holiday content? You want it to be early enough for your audience to find it on Google or Pinterest, and also for your posts to be live when they go to your blog hunting down that tutorial, recipe or inspiration! So how early is too early? We cover those details in this episode!


Sep 22, 2022

When you increase your page views and page sessions you are able to increase your income and create stability with your brand growth! Today Bree chats with Stephanie Rutherford about how she 5x'd her page sessions in just 3 months! 

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Sep 15, 2022

Do you get stuck coming up with creative ideas to grow your email list? This is the episode for you! Growing your email list is so important because your social media account could disappear in a moment. We don't want that, but we need to be smart CEOs and plan for long-term success. Bree shares opt-in ideas for any...

Sep 8, 2022

Nadalie Bardo joins Bree again today for a special announcement! You can now go and sign up for their FREE Pinterest Bootcamp! 

It's going to be a jam-packed week with lessons every day to help you elevate your Pinterest account and 3x your traffic over the holidays! Tune...

Sep 1, 2022

The biggest problem with making money with affiliate links is the lack of consistency and the lack of a realistic plan. So letโ€™s break it down! In this episode, Bree will help you create a custom plan for increasing your affiliate income, and tell you about a bunch of different affiliate programs to join! 


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