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Thrive: The Podcast for Bloggers & Influencers

Sep 30, 2021

You're signed up for the affiliate programs and have shared links a few times, but you're not making any sales. Sound familiar? Then hit play because this episode will help you create a strategy so you start making money and *bonus* forming relationships with brands for future partnerships! 

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Sep 23, 2021

Sometimes, you just don't know what you want to write about or create content around! So how do you come up with blog post ideas when you are staring at a blank screen? Today we're chatting with Ayana Lage to discuss content ideation, how to gain information from your audience, and how to use what you've already got to...

Sep 16, 2021

Target, the mothership! It's every blogger's dream to partner with a big brand name like Target, but is it possible? Well for Katie Davila, that big goal came to fruition! Tune in to listen to her strategies on branding, creating a hashtag, and getting Target to work with her! 

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Sep 9, 2021

Today, this conversation is going to be so for your soul. We're talking about mental health in the blogging world, and how to protect yourself so you can have longevity in this space. Amanda Young joins us as we discuss the role mental health and self-care plays in the long-term success of bloggers and influencers. 

Sep 2, 2021

Why aren't influencers getting paid, and how can they change that? Brittany Hennesy joins us to share easy ways for influencers to get paid even if they have no followers, no photographer, and little time.

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