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Thrive: The Podcast for Bloggers & Influencers

May 16, 2024

While we've seen major shifts in the influencer and creator space over the last few years, one strategy has still stood the test of time. Networking. There is so much power in going to events, showing up, and building relationships. In today's episode, Alex Stewart joins us to share how her brand has grown and pivoted over the last few years and why she attributes a lot of her success to networking.

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Head to for the show notes!

0:57 - Meet Alex of Sassy Confetti4:35 - Alex's Journey: From Marketing to Influencer Empire

11:32 - Navigating Brand Partnerships and Influencer Marketing

15:39 - The Power of Networking and Community in Influencing

23:07 - Unlocking Influencer Success: Starting Small and Networking Smart

23:31 - The Power of Local Events and Personal Connections

24:15 - Leveraging Relationships in the Influencer World

26:28 - Navigating the Challenges of Content Creation and Self-Care

32:24 - Dealing with Haters: Strategies for Mental Well-being

38:25 - Embracing Real Life: The Journey Towards Authentic Content

40:07 - Wrapping Up: The Importance of Community and Self-Care


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