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Thrive: The Podcast for Bloggers & Influencers

Jun 25, 2020

Are you on TikTok? Better yet, are you using TikTok strategically to grow your brand? Nicole joins us on the podcast to share her thoughts on this newish platform, how to monetize it, and how she's gained almost 300k followers in just 3 months! 


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If you're looking...

Jun 18, 2020

Strategy and execution are something we talk a lot about on the podcast, but what we haven't talked about is mindset. Jessica Zeinstra joins us on the podcast today to help us learn how to re-frame our mindset and the things we say about ourselves and our businesses, to help us grow. Don't skip this episode! 


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Jun 11, 2020

Are you growing a blog that is going to be safe? There are certain contracts you need to have in place to protect yourself and your audience. We don't want you to have content placed on a companies website without you knowing about it (and getting paid for it!). Listen in as Girija from Your Contract Buddy goes over the...

Jun 4, 2020

Ready to increase your blogging income? You need an affiliate strategy. Affiliate income doesn't just happen, you have to make a plan, and then put that plan into action. Listen in as Bree and Lani discuss how to make a strategy that will increase your earnings!

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