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Thrive: The Podcast for Bloggers & Influencers

Sep 14, 2023


Marketing your brand takes time and effort, while sometimes it doesn't feel like it's providing any ROI. In today's episode, Amanda Warfield joins us to share how you can simplify your marketing efforts so that you're showing up, saving time, and growing your business. Listen in as she highlights the power of community, how you can connect with your audience, and the three types of content you should be creating in your marketing!

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Resources Mentioned:

Connect with Amanda

Find It Quickly

  • 3:23 - Why Amanda wrote Chasing Simple Marketing, and who she wrote it for
  • 6:44 - The business benefit to building a community
  • 9:12 - The mindset shift towards prioritizing community
  • 12:33 - Being vulnerable while building a personal brand
  • 22:37 - The three types of content that you need to be creating
  • 24:54 - Why your email newsletter is so important
  • 29:34 - Marketing practices to NOT do
  • 37:01 - Connect with Amanda


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